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    Refrigeration System
    We make remarkable refrigeration systems that are high efficiency
    machines that are used commercially for medical purposes.
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    Chilling System
    Sunrise Chilling Systems are specially engineered and tested
    to provide the best quality for all chilling utilities.

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Our Services Area

All type of industrial oil chilling system

Sunrise is highly renowned for its oil chilling systems that are manufactured as per high international quality standards

Domestic Water Chilling Systems

Sunrise offers various kinds of Domestic Water Chilling Systems while also catering to ones that are available in the hotels and industrial units.

Industrial Water Chilling System

The use of chilled water is absolutely significant to aid the optimization of some of the processes for the industry.

Walk-in cooler system

Sunrise also provides completely assembled Walk-in Cooler System that is ready for its job of cooling as soon as it is delivered to your site.

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